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About Ebisan


Ebisan Damola, simply known as Ebisan, has been doing what she loves – composing and performing – since at least age 8. Her name is growing to be synonymous with beautiful, heartfelt, soulful songs that cut across several genres. Having lived in Nigeria, Saudi Arabia and England Ebisan’s style has been coloured by the various cultures she grew up in. Her sound is effortlessly versatile and international.

She juggled studying, song writing, recording, working as studio session singer, performing at weddings and cultural events and eventually earned a Masters degree in International Business Management along with her Bachelor’s degree in Accounting and Finance but this would not stop her from pursuing her life long passion, music.

A highly creative composer and talented performer who always puts a soulful twist on any song she writes, Ebisan is inspired by love and the myriad of accompanying emotions.  Telling stories that we can all relate to and identify with is what she does best.

Ebisan returned home to Nigeria in 2008 and continued to write, record songs and develop her craft. Her music was increasingly influenced by the rich Nigerian culture that she was now immersed in. Her first major project in Nigeria was working on the soundtrack for the critically acclaimed movie, Tango With Me starring Genevieve Nnaji and Joseph Benjamin.  She co-wrote and recorded the official soundtrack songs Suru and Dance With Me.

In July 2011, Ebisan released her first official single, Love Story. In the video, Ebisan got the chance to showcase her acting skills along side award-winning Nollywood actor, Joseph Benjamin.

Her second single Jowo was released in June 2012 and its colourful and energetic video came shortly after.  With them she shows off her wide vocal range and the fun, quirky side to her music and personality.  The video, directed by Mr AK One, went on to win a NMVA for Best Soft Rock/Alternative Video.

Ebisan’s 3rd single, Time of Our Lives, features Chee and is another upbeat song that’s a favourite with radio and her fans. The song has been used in the TV talk show Walk the Talk and the upcoming Nigerian TV series, Before 30. The music video is her third with Mr AK One and true to her very artistic nature she was heavily involved in all aspects of the production from inception.